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VAT Registration - I dont believe it!

Youwould not believe it.

This is really true- I'm wishing i played golf on Fridaysall of a sudden!

My Client has a new business. Turnover rapidly rose above the VAT limit. Filled in the forms online at thestart of September. Neither the client or I had heard anything since.

My Client phones me today to moan about it. So I call HMRC today (18mins on hold) and go through security.

HMRC "Yes, your clients were VATregistered on 1st September"

EH "What is the VATnumber?"

HMRC "We cannottell you over the phone"

EH "Can you emailor fax the number to me or the client ?"


EHt "How do we findout the VAT number to put on my clients invoices?"

HMRC "We will postout a copy certificate"

EH "How can it be acopy when you have never sent them anything?"

HMRC "We cannotanswer that"

So the client will notknow their VAT number until after the end of their first VAT quarter !!!!!

This is the 21st Centuryand I have to explain what happened to my client."

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